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Did you know that you know can order scrip on-line from your computer or phone in the comfort of your own home?  Dynamic Scrip is a great new program that St. Joseph, Key West is proud to be a part of.  This program will allow you to purchase Scrip when you need it and have it accessible to you on your phone at any time so you don’t have to carry all of those cards around (for most brands).    This program will work just like our current Scrip program in that every purchase you make results in a contribution to St. Joseph, Key West as well as earns tuition aid for your designated school program (Holy Family Schools, the Faith Formation Program and Key West Early Childhood).  In addition, you can use your favorite credit card to purchase Scrip so you can continue to earn your favorite credit card rewards.  There are over 150 brands available and the list is growing every day!  Make your holiday shopping a breeze and earn some extra money for your parish simply by using the Dynamic Scrip Program!

Below are some frequently asked questions about the program:

How does the program work?  Once you sign up, you can go to the website (via your phone or computer) at any time that is convenient for you to purchase gift cards.  For each gift card purchase, the brand for which you purchased the gift will contribute a percentage back to St. Joseph, Key West.  There is NO cost to you to use the program.

If the gift cards are electronic, how can I give them as a gift?  You have multiple options here.  You can print them from your computer at any time.  You can also text or email them from your phone directly to the recipient.  This is a great way to send gift cards to hungry children in college without giving them cash!

What if I don’t have a smart phone?  (Or prefer not to use it?) Can I still use this program?  Yes!  You can use the same program directly from your computer.  You will just print the gift cards as you buy them and take them to the retailer to use like any other gift card.

What if I like the Scrip program we have today?  Will that no longer be available?  No, we will continue to offer the current Scrip after Mass like we do today for parish members who prefer that option.

How much will my parish earn on purchases?  Contributions vary from 2% to 15% based on the brand.  If you specify a student to receive tuition or daycare contributions, the school/daycare will automatically receive 2% and the remainder will go to St. Joseph, Key West.  If you do not specify a child for tuition assistance, the entire amount will go to St. Joseph, Key West.

How do I sign up?  Using your computer or smartphone, go to the Dynamic Scrip site and follow the step by step directions.

When I sign up, should I use my bank account or credit card to pay for Scrip?  It is recommended that you use the option that allows you to enter both a bank account and a credit card.  Some vendors give a low percentage and therefore the benefit is offset by the credit card fees.  If you only sign up with a credit card, these vendors will not appear as an option for you to purchase.  Signing up with both gives you the most flexibility to purchase from the vendors you want and use the form of payment you prefer.

Who do I contact with questions?  Click on the “Contact Us” link on the website or email for any questions you may have about the program.

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