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St. Donatus Church

St. Donatus parish is the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Dubuque located in St. Donatus, Iowa in Jackson County. We have about 135 families who are members at our parish.

The parish is named after Saint Donatus of Muenstereifel, a second century Roman solider and martyr. St. Donatus parish is known for its historic Way of the Cross and Pieta Chapel. Visitor information is provided below.

The current church building was completed in 1908. Central to our community life is celebration of the sacraments. Our parish supports the Marquette school system and many ministries in our parish. We welcome the many generations of Catholics in the Dubuque area as well as any of those interested in the Catholic faith to join us in worship and service.


Those interested in our Luxembourgian heritage as well as those interested in historical religious devotions are welcome to visit our St. Donatus Museum and in the warm months to walk the outdoor Way of the Cross which leads up to our Pieta chapel. The Outdoor Way of the Cross consists of 14 red-brick stations along a winding path up the hill. Each station contains an original lithographic print detailing Christ’s Passion. The Pieta chapel offers hilltop views of the rolling countryside and a quiet place for reflection and prayer. Visitiors are welcome to contact us for a tour.

Visitor Contact: Mary Pat Breitfelder 563-845-0298

Bonnie Theisen: 563-582-2535

Luxembourg American Cultural Society describes the Way of the Cross:

“The winding path takes you through the quiet serenity of touring trees and ancient rock formations. Don’t be surprised if you see a group of friendly sheep roaming the way of the cross grounds. They serve in providing old-fashioned lawn care! The culmination of the trek up the mound is the Pieta Chapel. Perched atop the mound, the Pieta Chapel can be seen from the village below and it also offers spectacular views of the St. Donatus countryside…The chapel is modeled after the Chapel du Bildchen in Vianden, Luxembourg. Inside the chapel is a simply altar with a statue of the Pieta. The Outdoor Way of the Cross and Pieta Chapel are self-guided tours that continue the great spiritual tradition of the Luxembourgers in St. Donatus.”

New Parishioners

Those interested in attending liturgy and getting involved are invited to look at our Mass Schedule and join us in worship. Other current events are promoted in our weekly bulletin.


St. Donatus

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